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Care Co-ordinator

Care Co-ordinator

REPORTS TO: Named Clinical Nurse Manager

Role Summary 

To manage and supervise a team of PAs in providing a high standard of care to severely disabled clients with varied and complex care needs, enabling them to live independent and fulfilling lives within their own homes. Demonstrating leadership skills to ensure that at all times your client receives an effective and efficient service that meets their chosen lifestyle, within a safe environment.

Clinical / Care Responsibilities

  • Bowel and bladder management, to include catheter care, bladder washouts, management of sheath drainage systems, use of suppositories and manual evacuation of bowels
  • Monitoring of skin (at least once a day) to ensure the prevention of pressure sores and other skin problems
  • Ensuring that the client has frequent and regular relief of vulnerable pressure areas, including turning at night to prevent development of pressure sores
  • Moving and handling of client using specialised equipment in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and training given
  • Assistance with client’s ventilator and other breathing support equipment, such as CPAP (Continuous Pressure Airway Programme) as necessary
  • Assist client with coughing as necessary
  • Assistance with basic physiotherapy i.e. passive movements of client limbs to ensure that joints do not seize up and that limbs do not develop contractures
  • To perform tracheostomy changes, suction, peg feeds and Ambubag as required
  • Personal care of client to include, dressing, washing, bathing, grooming and other general hygiene
  • Administration of medication when required under supervision of client or family member
  • Assistance with light domestic duties, including preparation of food, washing, ironing, shopping and light cleaning in relation to the client
  • Assistance with feeding client if necessary
  • Accompanying client on trips away from their home, such as business trips, holidays, shopping, social and leisure activities
  • Assistance with checking and basic maintenance of disability equipment, such as wheelchairs, cushions, etc, to ensure they are fit for use
  • Emergency first aid if necessary  

Management Key Responsibilities 

  • To ensure that the rights of the client are upheld and promoted at all times, assuring principles of choice, respect, dignity and privacy.
  • To undertake client reviews and risk assessments on a monthly basis and submit and review documentation to the Quality department.
  • To liaise with the named nurse regarding the obtaining of any specialist equipment and order drugs and consumables required by the care package.
  • To strive to ensure client satisfaction, and deal with client complaints in accordance with company procedures, liasing with the Quality department as required.
  • To liase effectively with the client, family, PAs and other social and healthcare professionals as appropriate.
  • To ensure that company policies and procedures are understood and followed by PAs.
  • To provide support and guidance to PAs in the completion of their duties and to coach and develop them in delivering a high quality service.
  • To undertake PA reviews quarterly, including identification of training needs and submit and review documentation to Personnel.
  • To maintain staff rotas, filling gaps from existing team where possible, and keep Rota Department updated (Rota Department will assist with filling gaps in exceptional circumstances).
  • To ensure PAs feel part of the organisation to minimise staff turnover.
  • To provide Recruitment with a specification for replacement PAs and work with the Recruitment team to recruit replacement PAs as quickly as possible.
  • To work in conjunction with your line manger in contacting all new PAs within 48 hours of referral by Recruitment and to introduce all new PAs clients within 7 days.
  • To maintain contact with new PAs, keeping them informed of ‘clearance’ progress until able to work.
  • To undertake return to work interviews and take part in disciplinary procedures as required. 


  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Excellent clinical care skills
  • Management experience
  • Problem solving & crisis management

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